Technosafe, from its decades of experience in the field of safety devices such as: footwear, work gloves, overalls and disposable Lifeguard masks, exclusively offers its innovative workwear items, designed and engineered by the internal research and development team to guarantee to its customers safety, freedom of movement and style.

With the new Superworker line Technosafe aims to enter the field of workwear and high visibility with garments designed to adapt to DIY and free time, inspired by the tenacity and hardness of those professions that require clothing. specific technician. For years, our gloves have made their way into the aisles of DIY chains, supermarkets, hardware stores and building retailers, where we are also present with TSS (Technosafe Safety Shoes), which since 2018 with the Gladiators line, offer solutions of lightness and innovative designs. The Technosafe Brand also boasts a long experience in the field of disposable PPE thanks to the well-known Lifeguard line, with a wide range of products (filtering facepieces, overalls and professional accessories) for each category of use, appreciated in various parts of the world for their quality of materials and versatility of use. With Technosafe you will not only feel safe, but a real Superworker able to face the work every day with strength and style.

We pursue the growth of the evolutionary phenomenon that positions the role of the private label as central to the distributor's policy with competence and professionalism. Convenience remains a fundamental element but the consumer also asks for transparency, reliability and traceability. Over the years we have developed a wide range of solutions to meet the specific needs of the medical sector and individual protection devices and today we are able to satisfy requests for customization by offering the customer the best of our experience.