Iodase Double Effect Mud

Iodase Double Effect Mud with Phosphatidylcholine and Algae Laminaria is a fast treatment against the imperfections caused by CELLULITE and FAT DEPOSITS on Thighs and Buttocks . From technology applied to Algae, a specific treatment based on plant extracts with dual action. An accurate cosmetic technology enables to make the most of the natural healing properties of the mud, and the concentrated emulsion is very rich in specific functional principles that allow treatment of the imperfections caused by CELLULITE and FAT DEPOSITS. IODASE DOUBLE EFFECT MUD is a new natural treatment to fight the imperfections caused by Cellulite and Fat Deposits. IODASE DOUBLE EFFECT MUD is a new technology capable of combining the important osmotic characteristics of mud, with the cosmetic effectiveness of Algae Laminaria and the natural plant extract of Pineapple, Cypress and HIvy. The great innovation of IODASE DOUBLE EFFECT MUD is its formulation enriched in Phosphatidylcholine, capable of finely emulsifying fats and reshape, quickly and effectively, the contours of the body. After the first applications, the skin will begin to look smooth and soft, with a brighter complexion. It is applied like a cream. Dries quickly. Guarantees a homogenous application. Maximizes the OSMOTIC effect of the mud. Does not stain. Does not drip. It is easy to use.

  • No Pegs
  • Parabens Free
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Product code: IDFANDE700 - IDFANDE1400
  • Packaging: 575 gr jar
  • Aimed for: For Her
  • Ingredients: Algae Laminaria; Phosphatidylcoline; Ivy; Cipress; Pineapple.
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