INJ/SAFE is the disposable safety syringe with irreversible safety mechanism, for infusions and injections. The safety mechanism prevents accidental pricks while the plunger, breaking after usage, avoids a possible reuse of it. It is easy to be used and is available with and without mounted needle, suitablefor all our standard hypodermic needles MICROTIP/ULTRA. It is non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, and sterilized by ethylene oxide.   

  • PP barrell with graduated scale
  • PP plunger
  • Latex free gasket
  • PP safety mechanism
  • Central Luer Lock cone
  • Triple bevelling stainless steel needle AISI 304
  • PP needle cap
  • Product code: S-3321CM38, S-5522CM32, S-1021CM38, S-2020CM38
  • Syringe type: safety syringes
  • Safety mechanism: yes
  • Needle: yes
  • Packaging: box 100 pcs - carton 800 pcs;box 50 pcs - carton 400 pcs
  • icone guantimono 150×150

  • icone guanti latexfree 150×150

  • ce70

  • sterile-eo

  • dehp-free

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    product code capacity assembled needle box/carton
    S-3321CM38 3 ml 21G-0,8x38mm 100/800 pz
    S-5522CM32 5 ml 22G-0,7x32mm 100/800 pz
    S-1021CM38 10 ml 21G-0,8x38mm 100/800 pz
    S-2020CM38 20 ml 20G-0,9x38mm 50/400 pz