FLY/SAFE is the sterile safety scalp vein set for taking blood samples and infusions with a safety irreversible mechanism that covers the needle completely. It is very easy to be used and the colored wings, according to the International Standards, provide an easy identiication of the needle size. It is non-toxic and non-pyrogenic, latex free and sterilized by ethylene oxide. Packed in individual blister.

  • Stainless steel needle AISI 304 with triple bevelling, diameter and lenght according to ISO 9626
  • PP needle protection cap
  • Low memory 30 cm DEHP FREE PVC tube
  • PP luer lock connector
  • Product code: S-SVS18GD, S-SVS19GD, S-SVS20GD, S-SVS21GD, S-SVS22GD, S-SVS23GD, S-SVS25GD, S-SVS27GD
  • Safety mechanism: yes
  • Needle: yes
  • Packaging: box 100 pcs - carton 2000 pcs
  • Type of needle: Safety scalp vein sets
  • icone guantimono 150×150

  • icone guanti latexfree 150×150

  • ce70

  • sterile-eo

  • dehp-free

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    product code needle colour box/carton
    S-SVS18GD 18G - 1,2x19 mm rosa 100-2000 pz
    S-SVS19GD 19G - 1,1x19 mm rosa 100-2000 pz
    S-SVS20GD 20G - 0,9x19 mm rosa 100-2000 pz
    S-SVS21GD 21G - 0,8x19 mm; rosa 100-2000 pz
    S-SVS22GD 22G - 0,7x19 mm rosa 100-2000 pz
    S-SVS23GD 23G - 0,6x19 mm rosa 100-2000 pz
    S-SVS25GD 25G-0,5x19 mm rosa 100-2000 pz
    S-SVS27GD 27G-0,4x19 mm rosa 100-2000 pz